Ask the Pastor

Rights and Obligations of the Laity in the Catholic Church
Reception of Baptized Christians into the Catholic Church
Mass Intentions
Pope Francis’ changes regarding a Declaration of Nullity
No Hell? and the forgiveness of sins
Why does the Bishop move priests?
Anointing of the Sick vs Last Rites vs Extreme Unction
What about Tattoos?
Solicitations for support, legit???
Marriage Difficulties
Pastor versus Administrator of a parish
Salvation outside the Catholic Church?
Science says there is no God
Considering being a Lector or Extraordinary Minister of Most Holy Communion?
Where does the term “consubstantial” come from?
Religious versus Diocesan clergy?
Time for an upgrade of your faith?
Mortal sins versus Venial sins
Hierarchy of Celebrations (Gloria and Creed)
Becoming a minister?
Burning of votive candles
Time it takes to process a petition for an annulment
Voting for Heaven or Hell
Do we go to heaven or hell immediately after death or not until the resurrection?
What is Feminist Theology?
Motivation for becoming a priest
Diocese vs eparchy vs exarchate?
Sunday obligation met??
Some Catholic terms misunderstood
Rosary’s Origins
Running Low?
Caring for “Family”
What is Canon Law?
Preparing for a funeral
Prayers for those in the military
Fighting for your Marriage
Meatless Fridays
Who do we notice?
Frequency of Confession
Use of the Roman Liturgy Prior to the Reform of 1970
Pope Francis and China
Process of selecting an new bishop
Doing the Catholic liturgy correctly
Divorced non-Catholic and a Declaration of Nullity
To stand or kneel after the “Lamb of God”
Why preach on this not that?
Donating one’s body to a medical school
Politicians and the Eucharist
Hierarchy of Papal Documents
Predestined Death?
Laity’s, not Cleric’s, mission
A.W.O.L. priest hearing confessions?
Not in the bible = Not true?
Eulogies at funerals?
Age for Confirmation, why differences?
Why no sharing of communion?
Pornography sinful?
Valid / Convalidated Marriage
Pope Francis and Chinese Bishops
Anointing of the Sick
Leaving at the end of mass before the priest?
Purgatory: How to best explain it in our modern world?