Considering being a Lector or Extraordinary Minister of Most Holy Communion?

I have thought over the years of being a Lector at the mass or an Extraordinary Minister of Most Holy Communion (EM), what are the requirements for such?

The requirements for those ministries are simple.  One must be a Catholic who is 16 or older and in good standing in the parish community.  For each ministry there is a short training to ensure the Lectors and EMs have a knowledge of what to do and the expectations of their ministry.  In addition the EMs are required to be commissioned by the Bishop.  This commissioning is for a period of three years.  While the Lector primarily serves at mass, there are two kinds of EMs one is to assist at the mass and the second is to bring Most Holy Communion to the homebound.
Both the Lectors and the EMs who serve at mass are scheduled on a rotating basis.  The EMs that visit the homebound do so according to their schedule and the needs of the community.

If you have considered either ministry, I invite you to speak with your Pastor.  We would love to have you assist the community.

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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