Countenance of God

Welcome to Countenance of God website. Started July 2021 in my retirement from active ministry as a Catholic Priest. I have no idea how this journey is going to proceed and invite you follow along.

Greetings from where I am. The inspiration for the website name comes from a little book I read years ago called “Mister God, This is Anna”. Insight into God is not based on any demographic delineator, but an openness to the Divine. Our relationship with God is not an intellectual one, but an affective one.

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One never knows who one will meet on a journey

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

2 thoughts on “Countenance of God”

  1. Hello Fr. Paul, I hope you are doing very well. I will be a follower on your blog. So good to hear from you. You are missed!
    Cindy Kirk


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