A correct Catholic liturgy

As a pastor I strive to follow the rules for the Divine Liturgy, aka: the mass, as written by Pope St. John Paul II and promulgated by our local bishop.  The rules are published in every sacramentary and in a USCCB document called “General Instruction of the Roman Missal” (GIRM).  In addition, many dioceses have issued Liturgical Guidelines to be observed within their diocese.  Over the years I have distributed over 100 copies of the GIRM free of charge to those interested in reading the directions.  I have instructed those interested enough to read the directions to inform me if I have made any errors.  Several people have brought certain issues to my attention, and I have made the appropriate corrections.
Periodically I get letters, always anonymously, regarding the liturgy and the errors that some perceive.  The letters often refer to other authors or the way other priest do things, almost never do they refer to the GIRM.  I am aware of numerous priest who do things contrary to the GIRM or the directions provided by their local bishop.  Their followers apparently believe them to be more liturgically correct than Pope St. John Paul II, who promulgated the GIRM, and the local bishop.  Regrettably I am not able to enter a dialogue with persons who believe I am doing things incorrectly as they, by remaining anonymous, apparently are not interested in learning the truth.

For those interested in learning more about the Catholic Mass as put forth officially by the Catholic Church, I invite them to obtain a copy of the GIRM, or to connect with their local pastor or me personally to resolve any questions regarding the mass.

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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