Stand or kneel after the “Lamb of God”

Why do people in some churches stand after the “Lamb of God” and others kneel?

The original General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) has people standing, out of respect, from the presentation of the gifts until after communion.  This is the universal norm provided by Pope St. John Paul II in the newest missal, promulgated in 2000.  In the United States, because of local custom, the USCCB asked permission for an exception for people to kneel during the consecration.  This request for a local adaptation was approved.  Along with the approval was permission for the local bishop to make certain adaptation decisions for his diocese, one of those was after the “Lamb of God”.  Some bishops decided to have the people kneel again, other bishops decided to allow the people to remain standing. 

In my diocese the bishops made the decision to have the people remain standing.  That decision has never been altered, nor exceptions made for any parish.  Thus, in my diocese the norm is to remain standing after the “Lamb of God”.  No priest has the authority to make a change on his own.  Any priests instructing otherwise are doing such in violation of their Bishops’ lawful exercise of their ministry, and thus, are in disobedience.

A future bishop could change the norm, as would be his right.  Until such time as the bishop changes the norm for my diocese, we stand after the “Lamb of God”.

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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