Cycle C Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the first reading we have the seven brothers who suffered torture and death for their faith. Fortunately, few of us in this country have been asked to die for the faith in recent years. However, how many of our fellow Christians and Catholics around the world still suffer greatly and even are killed for the faith? Even in our own country people of faith are sometimes made to be second class citizens. Do we endure such as did the seven brothers or do we capitulate and say “Oh well, that’s the law”? When unjust or unfair laws or regulations or court rulings are passed or promoted do we protest them? Are we stalwart witnesses for the faith even when we are penalized for our faith? Do we believe we will be joyfully rewarded for our witness in the life to come, or do we seek comfort io this world?
Following up on the first reading, Paul’s letter he encourages us “that we may be delivered from perverse and wicked people, for not all have faith.” We need to constantly encourage and support each other in the faith for no one can endure easily alone. How well do we reach out to others who are experiencing difficulties because of their faith life?
The Gospel reinforces the understanding of the life to come. All of the readings today reinforce the idea of our future life. Do we truly believe such? Are we willing to suffer in this world so as to be able to rejoice in the next? Karl Marx thought this was great foolishness. Many in our world today agree with Marx in behavior if not in creed. They live their lives as if there is no tomorrow, there is no resurrection. If we believe in the resurrection, does it influence how we respond to the difficulties and tortures of our lives?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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