Cycle C Thirty-first Sunday   in Ordinary Time

Have you ever looked up at a night sky and marveled at how large the universe is?  As large as it is, it is smaller than a grain of wheat from a balance or a single drop of dew on the earth!  Yet with all of creation that there is, God cares about each human person and invites them to enter into a wonderful relationship.  Yet despite this, people sometimes prefer their wickedness and sins.  Paul invites us to hold fast to the faith we have been given, despite the many voices around us striving to lead us astray.
The Gospel reminds us that Jesus desires to enter into our lives and our homes in a special way.  Zacchaeus, a tax collector, a person looked down upon by his fellow Israelites because he is seen as an unscrupulous person supporting the Roman domination of their country.  Yet Jesus looks into our hearts and knows each of us more intimately than we know ourselves.  Thus, when we get lost in our sinfulness and wickedness, Jesus doesn’t abandon us, but invites us to reform and return to his embrace.  As small and insignificant as we are in the universe, God still cares about you and about me.  As we prepare for the coming Advent season, perhaps it is a good time for us to also care about God.

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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