Cycle C Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Do we trust in God or in ourselves or each other? Jeremiah makes it clear that to trust in human beings leads us into a barren desert of empty wasteland. Whereas, he points out that those who trust in God are blessed and fruitful. How can this be, when there are many good people who trust in God yet appear to be deserted by Him? How can we say they are blessed when evil people seem to reap copious abundance? We need to keep in mind that God is looking at the long term good of the people not the short term. Indeed, short term it seems as though evil is the way to go as it provides immediate short-term benefits. However, what is the long-term effect of evil on us, our families, our nation?
I know of a man who ran a Ponzi Scheme. Short term he was wealthy and had many of the wealthy his door. Long term, he ended up in jail, his family destroyed, his wealth and friendships came to nothing. Paul reminds us that there is more than just this immediate life and benefits. He assures us that the dead will be raised even if what we do in this life seems to have no real consequences, ultimately, sooner or later, we all will face judgment.
In the Gospel we hear one of the sets of beatitudes. In Matthew Jesus is on the mountain, in Luke he is on level ground. instead of implying divine wisdom, Jesus is implying good earthly wisdom. In both cases Jesus is turning the tables upside down from the normal earthly view of being blessed or cursed. No one would say being poor is a blessed state, yet it recognizes that the poor depend on God more than the wealthy, and thus, will receive the kingdom of God as a reward, the life to come. The same goes for the other beatitudes. Someone once told me the sayings should be called the “BE ATTITUDES” as they point toward the attitude that God considers most blessed, those who listen to him and do his will.

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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