Cycle C Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The first reading recounts Isaiah’s call to be a prophet. He points out that he is unworthy to be a prophet, yet God says he can make clean any unworthiness. We too are called to be prophets in our day, even though we too are unworthy. But perhaps our bigger problem is not being unworthy but being unwilling?
The second reading: After several weeks of reminding us that each of us has been given different gifts by God. These gifts are to be used for the good of the community of believers. Paul in today’s reading points out that like Isaiah, he is unworthy to be an apostle because he persecuted the Church and is undeserving of the grace God gave him to preach. We need to remember to pray for our bishops and priests and other preachers as no one is worthy to proclaim the word of God, yet where would our faith be if no one preached?
The Gospel reading follows suit with the two other readings, Peter is unworthy to be a disciple of Jesus, yet Jesus calls him anyway. What is Jesus calling you to do for him? Are you willing to leave all behind to follow Jesus’s call? What holds you back?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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