Cycle B 28th Sunday

The first reading begins with a request for prudence. Do we ever ask for such? How about riches?  Do we really think we can simply walk away from all our possessions without a struggle?  In how many movies does one of the characters prefer the lure of riches instead of a safe escape from danger? The psalm response asks God to fill us with his love. Do we really want to love as God does? Are we willing to embrace our neighbors or enemies the way Jesus embraces us? The second reading says God’s word is like a fine sword. Are we ready for our life to be so exposed? God’s fine sword can slice between our thoughts and actions, with no room for us to escape.  In the Gospel Jesus invites the young man to eliminate his possessions and follow him. What hinders us from following Jesus without reservation?  How many of us have ever tried to bargain with God for the things WE think are more important?  Or do we eagerly await God’s directives for our lives and respond without hesitation?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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