Cycle B 27th Sunday

We have in our readings this week a subject that is difficult for many in our society today. The issue of what constitutes a marriage has become a political issue and the issue of divorce is ongoing. The Church ‘s teachings are quite clear as spelled out in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part II, Article 7, #1601-1666. 1t is important, however, to remember that the Church recognizes a list of 20 reasons a marriage may not be valid. This includes fraud, force, insufficient use of reason, lack of due discretion, lack of capacity, error regarding marital unity or indissolubility, simulation, conditions on consent (future/past/ present), and others for which those who are divorced may apply for a Declaration of Nullity, commonly called an annulment. It is equally important to remember that a divorce does not remove or excommunicate someone from the Church. Pope Francis has consistently said they are still members of the body of the Church and are expected to continue their faith journey within the Church to the best of their ability. While much has been made recently regarding Pope Francis’ exhortation AMORIS LAETITIA, the Pope made no changes to Church Teachings or Church Law in that exhortation.

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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