Cycle A Pentecost Sunday

Happy Birthday to the Church.  Pentecost is traditionally seen as the birthday of the Church with the descent of the Holy Spirit empowering the disciples to move forward toward the future instead of focusing on the past.  In their own language, they heard the apostles speaking of the “mighty acts of God.”  The focus on the Spirt and the transformation that occurs when we allow the Holy Spirit to move in us and others is emphasized in the psalm response, “Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.”  Yet as humans how quick are we to want God to renew the face of the earth?  Are we content with the way things are?  Are we willing to undergo the changes necessary for the earth to be renewed?
Paul points out that the renewal can take various forms, not all identical.  So often we expect everything to be “the same”.  Some people in the Church complain when someone does something different from whatever tradition they are hanging on to.  He reminds us that we are one body even when we don’t look, sound, or act alike.  The spirit moves as it chooses within each person and community. 
The Gospel reminds us that the coming of the Spirit was clearly intended by Jesus.  It is also emphasized that the forgiveness of sins was such an important part of Jesus’ ministry that he instructed the disciples to make sure such continues in their ministry.  How quick are we to forgive others the sins they have committed?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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