Cycle A Fourth Sunday of Easter

In the first reading we hear that as Peter spoke those listening “were cut to the heart.”  WOW!  I remember once speaking with someone and discussing homiletics.  The person was talking about his favorite preacher.  When asked why he was the favorite, he said, “Because every time he preaches, I have to duck!”  When was the last time we were cut to the heart as we listened to God’s words?  How often do we really listen to the homily, or are we distracted by others, children, our thoughts, the bulletin?  We all recognize that not every homily is perfect for each person in a diverse group.  I remember a professor telling us seminarians that on any given Sunday we may reach only 1/5th of the people.  He then added, “Hopefully you rotate the 5th.”
 How many of us have done good things and still gotten in trouble?  Paul reminds us that to suffer for doing good is a grace.  Suffering is a grace?????  How many of us would rather skip the grace of suffering? Christ set the example in his suffering how can we not be open to suffering?
Today we have many people telling us they know what is best.  Do things the way they tell us and the world will be a better place.  Unfortunately, all too often their way excludes God.  Jesus reminds us that often times these other voices belong to thieves and robbers who come only to steal and slaughter and destroy.  As we celebrate Easter, we are reminded that Jesus is the only true voice of God.  We are called to listen to him.  How are we doing?  Remember he came so “that we might have life and have it more abundantly.”

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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