Cycle A Easter Sunday

In the first reading we hear Peter speaking about Jesus and how special he was.  Little is heard of Peter’s cowardice a few days earlier.  Such takes a great amount of humility.  Like Peter we are called to admit we made a mistake, but that Jesus still loves us.  He reminds us that in spite of our weaknesses we are called to be witnesses of all that he did.  How well do we take the Easter message into our world, our work, our leisure time, and our relationships?  When we think of Easter, do we think more of candy and bunnies, or do we truly rejoice at what God has done for us?  How do we allow that rejoicing to be seen?  Do we publicly give thanks to God, or do we keep our tanks secret and hidden?
The Gospel today reminds us of that first day of the week, the first Easter day.  We have Mary of Magdalen relaying her experience at the tomb.  How do we relay our experience of Jesus’ resurrection?  Do we even experience the resurrection or is it just a mute historical fact for us with no grounding in our lives today?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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