Cycle A Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

I heard someone once say, “Before I was born God gave me certain things to accomplish in my life. Now I am so far behind, I will never die!” When we talk to young people often, we ask them “What would you like to be when you grow up?” Do we even ask ourselves what does God want me to be when I grow up? The prophet said he was formed as his servant from the womb. What jobs, or ministries, or service has God given to me? Have I even considered God in the equation?
Paul points out he was called to be an apostle. How is God calling us? Are we even concerned with God’s call? The Gospel has John pointing the way to Jesus. How much humility did that take? After all people were coming to see John from all over the area. He was the popular “go to” man of his time. Do we have the humility to point to others and say, “I am not the one you seek.” To do such requires an honest appraisal of ourselves and who we are before God, as well as the mission we have been given. Can we be humble like John to point the way to Jesus, without getting our ego involved?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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