Cycle A Forth Sunday of Advent

How many of us have struggled with an important decision? How many of us have asked God to guide us? How many of us were still unsure and asked God for a sign so we would know His will for us? Tf we didn’t like the sign, did we then say two out of three? Ahaz, as worried as he was, decided it was better to not tempt the LORD. He had good reason, remember Saul \vas unwilling to trust in God and paid the price? The world is full of uncertainty and in many cases, even with prayer, fasting and almsgiving, we may not have all the answers we desire. When we do discern, are we paying attention to what God has told us? Do we freeze in our tracks and refuse to budge? Do we second guess ourselves and turn back? Do we move forward anyway? It is not easy when the going gets tough to question a well discerned decision.
Paul calls himself “a slave of Christ Jesus,” while in our culture today to use the term slave is politically [incorrect, yet the bond that Paul sees is quite correct. We all are called to be slaves for Jesus. Do we do what he has asked for us, regardless of the profit we may seem appropriate? Do we own ourselves, or are we baptized into the body of Jesus? Do we look to see what is best for His body or ours? Do we do things for the sake of His name, or for our glory?
The Gospel brings out this question to the point of how we respond to God’s call in our lives. Joseph is invited to respond as the third person on earth co commit themselves co Jesus. First John, who prepared the way. Then Mary who accepted her call. Now Joseph. All three were willing to sacrifice themselves for the call God gave them, what sacrifices are we willing to make to respond co God’s call, or are we Christians of convenience?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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