Cycle A First Sunday of Advent

As we begin Advent, we hear Isaiah talking about the authority of God’s dwelling place. Here he refers to the temple in Jerusalem. But how about the temple in our hearts. Have we prepared a place for him or is Our heart busy with many things? When we do go to Church, to the Lord’s house, do we rejoice to have the opportunity to give him praise and thanksgiving?
Paul says now is the time to wake up. How many of us want to hit the snooze bar and drift back to sleep again? Do we throw off the darkness of our lives and prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus?
Like Paul, Jesus in speaking of Noah challenges us as to whether we are awake or asleep? He points out that all the “good things” we are busy with but are we ready? If we should have a calamity fall upon us suddenly, have we established the relationship with God and Neighbor so as to be ready to meet our maker? When our time comes, we will not be able to hit the snooze bar. Do you think God will listen to our excuses if we are not ready? Somehow, I don’t think he will accept the ”I’m basically a good person.” Or, ”I’m not a bad person.” Either we are ready to get on the boat or not.

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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