Cycle C Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

When we are experiencing difficulties and cry out to the Lord for help; do we ever feel he isn’t listening, or is taking his time while we are in misery?  No doubt Habakkuk felt that way.  Yet, what was God’s reply…be patient it will come ad will not be late.  We need to remember things happen at God’s timing not ours.  We need to remember to be flexible and not harden our hearts as the Psalm reminds us. 
Paul reminds us that we need to periodically stir into a flame the gifts that God has given us.  It is easy to be coasting along on what we have already accomplished all the while, we become cool to the eagerness with which we started a mission.  I remember making a quilt.  When I started I was all excited, by the I was 4/5th of the way through, I was tired of the effort and simply wanted the project to be finished!
In the Gospel Jesus reminds us, like Habakkuk, that things occur in God’s timing.  We have the obligation, like good servants, to continue with our tasks without worrying about the end results.  We are not the teacher/master of the projects we are working on; God is.  When things are ultimately completed, we need to remember that we were merely using the gifts God gave us as “unprofitable servants”.  It is God who accomplishes all we strive for; we are merely his tools.

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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