Cycle C Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the first reading we have Moses and God in a discussion.  God is unhappy with the fact that despite all the miracles the Israelites had experienced they quickly abandoned God.  I remember someone saying, “What has God done for ME?” Or “That was then, what is he doing for me TODAY?”  Are we that greedy and self-centered that it is all about ME and what I want?  Are we so impatient that we are unwilling to allow God to have things unfold in his desired timing?
We also have an example of intercession for others.  Moses is interceding with God on behalf of the people.  Do we ever intercede for others?  When we talk with God, is it all about us and our desires?  When we see the wheels of our civil courts mete out punishment, do we pray that the recipient will be transformed and made better or do we simply say, “Yes! Justice!”

Paul in his letter to Timothy points to the mercy of God.  Despite deserving punishment for his treatment of early Christians, Paul has been made a disciple.  He can hardly believe that God would be so kind and merciful.  As mentioned above, do we seek mercy for others or just for ourselves?

In the Gospel we have Jesus responding to his critics who complain that he is spending time with the wrong group of people, the outcasts, the politically incorrect, the bad people of society.  As mentioned above, do we desire Justice or Mercy?  Most people I know ask for mercy for themselves, but demand Justice for everyone else!  Such permeates our social institutions today as well.  One of the reasons those who wanted Jesus dead was because he made them “look bad” to others in his parables.  Are we humble enough to listen to Jesus’ words and make changes in our lives?  Or are we like the “good” brother who would rather see those who we dislike or have made mistakes to be dismissed and cast off?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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