Cycle C First Sunday of Lent

This first reading reminds us that it is God who chose us not we who chose God. Do we get uppity when we think we are “chosen” and others are not? We have no grounds for such. Like last week’s reading, none of us are worthy to be chosen. Humility is demanded of us all.
The second reading is sometimes taken out of context and interpreted to mean that once we call Jesus our lord and savior we are saved and guaranteed entry into heaven. This is an incorrect understanding of what Paul has been saying. ln Matthew it clearly states, “Just because you call me Lord does not mean you will enter the kingdom.” Let us pray for the grace of perseverance.
The Gospel replays the temptations of Jesus. Some people have an understanding of Jesus that is too lofty and seem to think Jesus never had difficulties or struggles. This gospel clearly shows that Jesus wrestled with temptations in the same way you and I do. When we face temptations, Let us be sure to ask Jesus to assist us in resisting just as he did.

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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