Second Sunday of Advent

The first reading provides the image of us preparing for a wonderful celebration. It invites us to contemplate the rejoicing moments of the Lord’s arrival. The Psalm reminds us again of how the Lord has provided us with an abundance of blessings. How often do we forget them because they seem to have become all too common? Do we become immune to the wonders God has done? Paul says he prays always for us, rejoicing at the faith God has provided us. Do we take the time to pray for others? As we contemplate giving physical gifts to each other do we take time to offer spiritual gifts as well?  Prayer is among the greatest of gifts we can give.  When is the last time you offered someone a “spiritual bouquet”?  In the Gospel, we hear John preparing the way for the Lord.  How do we prepare for Jesus?  Do we invite others to prepare for him?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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