Cycle B 32nd Sunday

We hear in the first reading the widow, trusting that God will provide. She goes so far as to give away a portion of her last meal to the prophet. Are we willing to trust that God will provide? Are we willing to share from what little we have for the good of others, or do we go the way ofthe world and say, “I got mine!” The second reading reminds us that it is “appointed that human beings die once.” We only get one shot at this life and our eternal reward. Do we treat our life as if we can reboot it anytime like a video game, with countless lives? Is how we live today the way we should live so as to die well tomorrow? Jesus in the Gospel reminds us that like the widow of Zarephath our gifts to God should not just be from our surplus.
Some have said, “If I win the Lotto, I will give God 10%.” Why not 90%? Isn’t it all from God?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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