Show no partiality!

We read in this weekend’s second reading from James 2:1-5.  He tells us to “show no partiality as you adhere to the faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ.”
This should challenge us to our core.  Who among us never shows partiality?  All one has to do is read the “news” or “social media” which are filled with vitriol regarding people who are different in look, shape, size, color, creed, age, birthed, un-birthed, gender or political thinking.
I was reading recently about Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.  Regardless of one’s political persuasion, did you ever wonder why he is no longer a Catholic?  It is because, “good Catholics” didn’t listen and pay attention to what James was saying!  It was other Catholics who “made distinctions among yourselves and become judges”.  This isn’t ancient history, this is recent!  This isn’t about life in the “South” this is life in the “North” and “East” and “West” and “Middle” of our United States of America!  This isn’t about “progressives” or “conservatives” or non-affiliated people, it is about US.  Each of US.  All of US.
How many people leave the Church, not because of theology, or Church teachings, but because of the attitude of other “holy people” toward them?  How many have left the church because of ME or YOU?  In my own journey becoming a priest, there were those who rejected me and considered me to be “tainted” because I had been married, and thus unworthy and not pure enough to become a priest.  When we stop to think, are any of us worthy to be called “Christian” or “Catholic”.  Are any of us worthy to be saved by Jesus! 

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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