Solemnity of the Assumption

Be aware there are two sets of readings for today’s liturgy: one for the Vigil and one for the Mass of the Day.  Here I am using the readings from the Vigil mass.

In the first reading we hear of King David with the ark of God.  We are aware that inside the ark were the tablets with God’s word chiseled upon them.  As Christians we refer to Jesus as the WORD of God.  Thus, if Jesus is the WORD, then Mary, who carried the living WORD in her womb, makes Jesus’ mother an ark.
The second reading from St. Paul references “when that which is mortal clothes itself with immortality” and “Death is swallowed up in victory”.  In today’s solemnity, Mary’s body instead of waiting in the tomb is clothed with immortality as we celebrate the honor given to Mary to be among the first to be assumed into heaven.  Her commitment to God was absolute, as she was willing to face death, even as a young maiden, when she gave her consent to becoming the mother of Jesus.  Thus, we give thanks to God who has given her the victory, though Jesus Christ. 
So many people in our world, proclaim Jesus, yet the Gospel reminds us there is something greater than simply acknowledging the word of God.  That is to “observe it”.  Lip service is easy when it involves no cost to us.  Like in the story of the chicken and the pig giving to celebrate the farmer’s birthday breakfast.  The chicken offered what was easy, the pig made a sacrifice.  How are we doing at observing the faith, rather than giving it lip service?

Author: yuengerwv

Retired Catholic Priest

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